Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Brother came to live with us.....

Its like the subject line reads... My brother has come to live with us. I suppose it will be a little while before some since of normal comes to settle on the house again.It will take him time to get used to the flow of the house and we will have to change the flow to accodimate the new member. This change will be a challenge but I am confident that it will all work for the benefit of everyone involved. My grandmother(also his, of course:) is already happy to have him here. She keeps asking about him but I know from experience that it will be a LONG time before she is settled with the whole situation. I fear that by the time she is settled and comfortable with all the changes that he will have found his "city leggs" and be well on his way out of the house. On the other hand he may see the wisdom of staying where he is wanted and cheap rent while he builds his saveings back up but I suppose we will have to wait and see. That is entirely up to him.
There was no reason for him to stay in a place that had so soured in its dispostion that its atmosphre coud be discribed as nothing short of toxic. But I remember how hard it was for me to leave when it was my time. Its amazing how comfortable a person can get in a routine, no matter what the routine is good or bad. self healing or self destruction. its all the same when you dont' know anything diffrent. and when you grow up looking at the world through abused eyes, a person isn't able to see the change that needs to happen. this is when family and friends need to step in. Hopefuly the person you are trying to help is willing to be helped. they may fight and buck the initional concept of change but his is noly because they believe that what they are doing is fine. Its a routine that works for them. even if it dont'. Change can be hard for anyone who can't trust the world to provide anything better.. then change has only 2 options.. getting worse or staying the same and if that is the case.. why would change be a good thing in the first place. This is what I fear is the challange we are faceing wiht my brother. I fear that the abuse heeped on him has been so much for so long that he falls into this line of thought. But I am here for him in what ever copasity he may need. even if its just a computer to look for jobs. not that he has asked yet.. I am jsut saying.
So, this is the first day for him to be here.. and I will keep you posted on what transpires.

Blessed Be!!

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  1. I am glad he is there. I hope he is able to get things straight and get a place of his own and stand on his own as long as his body allows it. I know he don't like to talk about it but living there might help that and he might be able to open up so you can find out exactly what is going on with him and what kind of help he is going to end up needing when the time comes.